Can’t helped, but say that I experienced strong racism in Germany. It’s been more than a month I search for a new livable apartment. Call here and there, take a look at the house from north of bremen to the very south then to the west and east. And of course fell in love in lots of nice apartments, but they never picked us. Once we tried to dress nicely just to convince them that we have the money to pay the apartment (but actually not really :p), but still, they didn’t pick us.

Okay, it’s not that I’m from Indonesia that they didn’t pick us. It’s because I’m not german that’s why they didn’t pick us. Somehow I almost give up if there are some germans who also interested in the house. Just say it, we will never get it. The only one who wants to accept us is just the one that wants to deceive us, like my landlord now, or when the condition of the house is very poor that no one wants it.

It was also hurt me when I just found out that the apartment that my friend and her german husband live in now which I have high hope to get one from that building, actually the landlord said to the husband that he really prefer a german. The german husband who’s really nice and can’t say ‘no’, said to me that he has a good relation with the landlord and most likely can persuade him to accept us.

I really want to go home. This is almost too much..

Gossip.. Gossip .. Gossip..

It’s funny how the words spread fast. A false conclusion from one person could lead to big gossip that everyone knows. I’m not a big fan of gossip, and neither fancy to be one being gossiped. I think it’s a human nature to be tempted by talking about the other people, espesially the bad news ones. There are also many types of reaction regarding being gossiped. Laughing (that’s me.. wow! what now?), angry (That is so unnecessary), confuse (that’s common I think), and so on and so on. People will always talk. If you always think about it, you’ll get crazy.

Safari Ramadhan

Bulan puasa = bln pengiritan..
tentu sajah…

Mulailah tur buka puasa dr mesjid satu ke mesjid lainnya.. dr rmh org ke rmh org satu ke rmh org lainnya.. huhu.. dapur gw liburan nih.. 😀

Tp yg plg ngenes saurnya.. hiks2.. cendilian.. trs 3 hr cm nasi sosis dipanasin microwave.. yo wes lah.. pada suatu hr ktm mantan keluarga kos pas buka puasa di mesjid.. hehehe.. ide buruk muncul “Bu, aku nginep boleh bu? demi kehidupan yg lbh baik” … mau nyari saur gratis, mewah dan ramai2..

ehm. bsk buka dmn yah? 😀