Why and why?

How many times a day you ask “why”?

Why is it raining?
Why is it so cold?
Why this tram is so late?
Why did I do that?
Why did he do that?
Why am I so stupid?
Why am I so lazy?
Why didn’t I say it?

Questionnaire for Master Thesis: Film Glossary Application

I am developing prototype of a web-based film terminology glossary, based on the former master project from Hochschule Bremerhaven called ACT! (www.act-project.de). In ACT! project, we developed an audiovisual film glossary DVD which visualized film terms in different media: video, picture, animation and illustration. For the sake of sharing and to expand the capability of film glossary, I am interested in developing ACT! in web platform.

As basis in developing a usable application, I would like to gather user’s requirements regarding features and content structure. For that purpose, I’m spreading out surveys around to potential users.

If you do not mind, please fill out my survey. The questionnaire consists of short questions related to film glossary application usability and will only take a few minutes.

Here is the link to my survey:

If you have another person who are likely related to this subject, it would be really great if you forward the survey to that person too.

Your participation in the survey will really help to complete my thesis.
Thank you in advance and I hope you will achieve much success in your study and career.

Writing Problems

I believe I have realized that my writing skill is far below standard since years ago. Not to mention about grammar and spelling mistakes, difficulties in rephrasing ideas in structured way also included in this major problem. And yes, amazingly, it has not improved after all those piles of scientific papers I have read (not write though).

I wonder how I could still survive with good grades in these past two years. A professor did tell me that my writing is understandable. Beats me! I did get an average and disappointing grade for my paper, but not that significant enough to make me want to bang my head.

Memorizing on how my fellow classmate mocking every word I wrote in conclusion for our Master Project’s report, gave me chills imagining about my thesis, then I had the sudden urge to apply for a writing course which I did apply.

Apparently, these problems not also happen to a poor me, but happen also to another international students, proved by several links given in thesis guidelines.

I hope you are not like me, feel like reading a 10th grade paper or a children book when reading my thesis. Maybe those books are even better.

Well, these following links might help you then.