Non-talkative != unfriendly

Some people must have their own assumption about something, it includes prejudice. Humans are too complex to be define as “if A then B”. I would take particular example of a timid and quite person. Well, the word ‘timid’ doesn’t really represent what I mean, but I think ‘non-talkative’ is the best word. It is not rare that we tend to ‘assume’ that people who is so quite as unfriendly. This especially happens when meeting new people. However, there are indeed some people who feel uncomfortable and shy around new people. This more likely happen to introverts. Somehow, this quietness likely to be assumed as unfriendly or arrogant. But, that is not the case. Some might think that ‘talking’ is not a big deal. They could talk whatever over whatever to whoever. However, I believe that there are also type of people who just don’t talk that much, just because they don’t know what to talk about. They already have problems in communication, and yet, other people misunderstood them. These people definitely have to ‘fix’ their problem. As for the others, maybe a little bit of understanding would be nice.