First encounter with “Panda”

I always refer Karmic Koala as Panda.. aren’t they similar??

So.. I was bored.. and decided to try out Panda.. Why I chose Panda? because that’s the only version that was available here.. and..  *hosh3* after days… I finally get to the normal mode!! Been getting problems, started from acpi problem and the most stressful one was the resolution problem.. hosh3… GAAAH!! tired of googling and typing sudo.. Thank god I only got to re-install it once..Almost gave up.. but got nothing important to do anyway.. And now I have it nicely installed and with the “desired” resolution..

Pheeww… Playing now with the new (cute) OS.. got release from the boring blue toolbar… quit fun.. Let’s see how is it if I work with it..

First time trying out Linux family.. I think it’s only the beginning..  There are lots of other thing I’d like to do with it.. hope it won’t crash along the way..