Trying out Inkscape

Dress flat sketch with pattern

I am now learning Inkscape, a freeware vector based drawing software, for my job. Unlike Illustrator, it’s fun because it’s easier and lighter. BUT..! despite its lightness, it crashes pretty often -__-; I lost my work 2 times already because I forgot to press the tiny-simple-less than a second to press-“ctrl+s”. My first tryout was mocking a technical drawing for fashion. It took me the whole day to finish it *rubbing head*.

Most of fashion designer use Illustrator, I think. Because there are not so many support for fashion design using Inkscape. Na ja.. Inkscape is pretty easy to learn, the Help is really helpful and intuitive. What they don’t have is brush. I just found in here a really nice brushes for stitching, lace, trim, and ruffles, but sadly is for Illustrator.

New thing to learn. Learn learn learn!