Flipping through 2009 Calendar..

Kayanya udah tanggal 9 Jan.. tp gw blm bkin Kaleidoskop 2009 seperti org2 lain.. hmm.. What happened in 2009? *checking Google calendar*..


… empty.. huh? I think I was surviving Thesis.. and thought that I could finish before I fly for Indonesia on the 28th. But.. I failed.. wahahhaha


Spent my whole month in my dear country Indonesia, mostly out of town.. Palembang, Purworejo, Yogyakarta, Bandung (sigh)… Culinary trip!!! got diarrhea on the first week.. Met my dearest friends after 2.5 years..


Facing reality.. struggling to finish that damn Thesis.. no money.. jobless.. lots of debts.. searching for part time jobs like crazy..


Lots of dentist appointments and band practices.. ngeeh.. got a job at McD.. with low pay.. na ja.. almost faint after work.. hahaha.. believe me.. it’s like you do aerobic for 8 hours in the sauna.. Thesis Thesis Thesis! clock’s ticking!! The deadline was on 20th..


Busy with McD, Thesis colloquium preparation, and Saman practices..
Got my master degree on 26th.. Overwhelmed? not really.. hehehe..


Busy with McD and preparing Indonesian Day on 25th.. Nothing special.. Ah.. got my wisdom tooth removed.. ouch! became a half hamster for a week..


Visited Dresden..Did nothing useful except for working at McD.. wasting my time everyday with watching JDramas, KDramas, American Series, daydreaming.. not even did a proper job seeking.. running from reality..


Mental breakdown.. decided to go home to Indonesia; facing the reality.. Got visit from Jos.. 4th Ramadhan in overseas.. Busy packing.. Tooth operation (root something2 or in German Wurzelkanalbehandlung)..


Huge month.. Lots to chew.. Leaving Bremen on 8th.. Stayed in Frankfurt until leaving Germany forever on 15th.. Arrived in Indonesia on 16th..Got picked up somehow.. Surprised my mother by appearing at the front door.. adapting the whole package of Indonesia.. Bored.. stressed out.. somewhat felt lonely and friendless.. applied for jobs and got interviewed..


Spent mostly for daydreaming, dating, and job seeking.. Got bored and stress because of house imprisonment. So I went to Bandung for a week, volunteering for Bandung Reading Party, meet new friends and had a lot of fun.. Had a job interview at my current office.. Attended 4 weddings..  Enjoying the life of an unemployed..


Start the very first job.. adapting to the semi-international environment.. got to use English and German again.. Busy scratching head with the new job.. attended my best friend’s wedding in pair..


Both very happy and sulky month..Holiday mood with lots of devastating long weekends.. Visit Bandung two times in two long-weekends.. finally met my nice fellow on-line friend.. lost someone.. wrecked during Xmas and the following days before 2010..


I hope 2010 will be filled with something nice despite its gloomy start..