Street Musicians..

or.. Train Musicians to be exact..

It’s a common thing nowadays to have a good street musicians on the train.. (hmm.. for me it’s a new thing, since I’m a new rider of Jakarta’s “splendid” electrical train..) Some of them are actually bring a big contra bass or electrical guitars/bass or even keyboard plugged to  a car’s accumulator. For the drum set, they create a simple version with roller below and consist only 2 drumskins (bass and snare) without their cylinders and one crash cymbal. The pop band I can enjoy.. but the Dangdut one from Bojong Gede station.. -__-; can’t.. really can’t!

Today was the 1st time I heard this band. It was a pro! damn pro! They actually played groovy jazz with Oboe, percussions,  nice contra bass, and 2 acoustic guitars.. wuiiii.. nice! It was more like a jam session in a cafe.. That’s what I call “music”, my friend..

I’ve seen street bands with violins.. pretty common nowadays.. but an oboe?? That was the 1st time.. People can’t learn to play an oboe in just a couple of months, can they? I mean to play it good.. not just do re mi..

My mom said that they usually play in Depok Baru station (my stop).. and the band leader is actually a real musician.. well no wonder they can play so perfectly well..

The strange thing is.. I was immediately got the idea of make them my wedding band.. I almost approach them to ask if they do such thing.. but then I hesitated.. hmm… it’s still a long way anyway.. so why bother.. Huhuhuhu.. let’s hope that someday, if I’m getting married, they’ll still be around..

I do have a vision of my wedding.. you know.. women and their imaginations… It would be all white… and with Jazz music.. no “organ tunggal” please… definitely no Dangdut! -___-; I’ve got enough of a non-stop Dangdut every weekend echoing from across the river (my house is by the river)